Monday, July 25, 2011

Art and my ♥

As part of my heart story I need to include some art. I am an artist at heart, (hee hee) and I love all kinds of art mediums. I enjoy being an artist and also I enjoy the art of others. I am blessed with a sweet, kind hearted nephew and the ink drawing you see above was a gift from him after my heart surgery in 2005 depicting my heart. Mended. Sutured. Stitched. Repaired. Golden. The drawing isn't very big, and it's framed in a little 4x6 gold frame and I LOVE it. The drawing inspired me from the day my nephew gave it to me.

Three years after that surgery and the gift of the drawing I went to school to study silversmithing. In the fall of 2008 I received my certificate and I became a bench jeweler. By that time I had begun my journey on the path to my real life as a CHD Advocate and while at school designed my first piece of CHD Awareness jewelry. The design for this piece came from my nephew's drawing. The necklace is the model for many of the designs I have in my ESTY shop, a sterling silver hammered heart (beat up, so to speak), cut in half,  and then stitched back together with gold and suspended on a sterling silver chain. Over time the design has evolved and I've reproduced it with different metals and in different formats and now you can buy my Mended Heart in sterling silver, brass, copper and precious metal clay or fine silver, in either a ring, necklace or bracelet!  Initially I hoarded the first Mended Hearts, but then realized they could be used to start a conversation and eventually I began giving them to family members to wear and then to sell them on ESTY.

You will see on the right side of the blog there is a display of some of the pieces and a link to the shop. I hope you will stop by and perhaps acquire a Mended Heart to show your support. Part of the proceeds goes back to Mended Little Hearts, so, you'll be making a donation to them as well!

Peace ♥

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